How to Become Mortgage-Free Earlier

14 January 2020

There’s something particularly scary when you first get a mortgage – that huge financial commitment...

A 2020 Guide for Home Sellers

3 January 2020

The decision to market a property is not something most people do on a whim, it takes a lot of thought and planning...

Leasehold Property – Is It Really a Trap?

11 November 2019

With leasehold properties hitting the headlines for all of the wrong reasons lately what is the future for leasehold?

10 things you really must check before you commit to selling your home

25 September 2019

Selling your property is one of life’s biggest decisions and researching the possible pitfalls is essential. Here's 10 things you really must check before you commit to selling your home.

Flipping Crazy to a Steady Market at Last

5 August 2019

The number of properties being ‘flipped’, meaning sold more than once in 12 months has fallen since it’s peak in 2004...

What Does a Professional Buyer Do Once They Own Your Home?

30 July 2019

Here we'll explain how House Buy Fast, my own company works and give a real life example. It’s pretty similar to almost all of the reputable companies vying for business.

Getting onto the Property Ladder as a First-Time Buyer

3 June 2019

Investing in your first property is always an exciting venture and a step towards your future. However...

Our Chosen 5th Anniversary Charities

16 May 2019

To mark our 5th anniversary on 14th May, we thought it would be nice to make some donations to charities that are in some way appropriate for home sellers...

The NAPB Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

10 May 2019

Today at The National Association of Property Buyers we’re celebrating our 5th anniversary!

Buying for Retirement

25 April 2019

In the UK, 33% of people aged 45-65 say that they will move for their retirement years...

21 Fail Safe Tips To Ensure You Are Dealing With A Genuine Cash Property Buying Company

24 April 2019

The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) was specifically set up to protect homeowners looking to sell their houses for cash to a property buying company; however...

How Slow is Your Local House Market? (FREE Tool)

18 April 2019

Property Solvers has recently launched its local house market insights tool which tracks the following...

‘Gazundering’ in the Sell House Fast Industry

22 March 2019

Back in 2013, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) criticised those operating in the quick house sale industry that take advantage of vendors in vulnerable circumstances. Amongst a range of activities that came under fire, the practice of gazundering...

Schools Put Pressure on Home Buyers

6 March 2019

The average price of a house in England where schools have an Ofsted rating one is £331,605, a shocking £40,000 more than...

A First-Time Sellers Guide to Conveyancing

13 February 2019

Selling your house for the first time can be daunting with many things to factor in...

Fast House Sale or Using an Auction House – What’s the Difference?

12 February 2019

Auctions are one of the oldest ways to buy and sell property...

The Shocking Truth About Home Sales – and It Could Be the Slob Factor That Is to Blame

8 February 2019

The shocking truth about home sales – and it could be the SLOB factor that is to blame...

Home Improvements – What Will Add Value to Your Property?

7 February 2019

If you're selling your home you'd like to get the most money for your property - what home improvements will add value to your property?

The National Association of Property Buyers have moved!

29 January 2019

We're still running as normal, we've just moved address... Find out where to!

Sell Your House Fast in 2019

11 January 2019

Although our industry is relatively modern, the reasons why homeowners look for a quick house sale rarely change...